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  1. I am so happy I am not the only one who made their own light box. I bought the white paper you use for gift bags to put on the sides. I also buy daylight bulbs for my bendable desk lights.

  2. Thanks, Nancy, for another helpful video!  I do a lot of photography, but find jewelry, especially shiny, to be harder than I thought! Thanks for sharing. I'm ready to make a little set up and do some experimenting.

  3. Hey Nancy!! So glad to see some new vids from you!! Freakin' Tape…I use it all the time and it took my daughter to tell me to bend over the roll end every time I cut it, easy to grab to rip off another piece! Great Vid, Nancy! Thanks so much! Karen

  4. Nancy, I would like to suggest/ask, if you might consider making a video – by taking us all on a "Shop Tour" of your entire studio/ work space. It's ALWAYS MUCH Appreciated, by aspiring metalsmiths, jewelers, ets., to see how others, have organized and laid out their work spaces. It's SO HELPFUL to get a visual sense of the openness, (or "crowdedness/compactness"), too, because it helps us to gauge whether or not we are on track with our own shop organization. It's nice to see what your MOST USEFUL, HIGH PRIORITY Tools are, and what things wind up on the back shelf. It's VERY USEFUL to see your STORAGE systems, too, for tools, materials, consumables, etc. If you make such a video, I'll say "Thank you!!!!" &, Thanks for ALL your helpful videos!!!

  5. Thanks Nancy! Really enjoyed this video, like I do all of your others. Loved you sharing your experiences with light boxes (I was going to build one this week actually…such great timing). I'll look into that CamKix kit for my own work.

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