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  1. I have a GL350 Diesel and the timing chain service is the same as the cost of a corolla. When you don't know what to do with a car is expensive but when someone can afford to buy a $97K car, I am pretty sure they can afford to pay the cost.
    I drive my GL SUV 700miles with one tank and comfortable. The air suspension can raise the car 11 inch with the push of a finger. I don't have to turn on/off my windshield wipers, I don't life my tail gate nor close it, towing capacity is 6500lbs and uphills gets the punch of the massive 450lbs torque with the turbo that I can easily say bye with 6 people weigh 220lbs average. The ride is comfortable and I have not use all options since too much things in it. The best thing is to fold down both passenger rows to turn the car into a bed that can use to load stuffs, use like a bed to sleep in or may be have a roadside sex without worrying for hotel. There is the comfort to pay for and negative to pay for.
    By the end of 2019 after all work done so far except to replace the car, it will reach the 100K miles. It will be for sale at $15K and I am happy to have that for 7 years. Another one will also MB Diesel.

  2. You are so right about the rotors…every Mercedes that I have owned has squeaky brakes…my latest is 2016 gle coupe..I have changed front and rear rotors under warranty now I need a new set…change 2 sets front and rear pads and now on my 3rd…
    Funny thing though I have not changed rotors or pads on my 1992 sl320 ..

  3. I own a 2011 cls550. Bought it 3 years old in 2014 for less than half of what it cost new. Scotty is right, these cars are beautiful to drive but are also failure prone. I haven’t had any computer/sensor issues, but have had an abundance of suspension problems and a catastrophic transmission failure. The airmatic system is fragile and I’ve had to have front struts replaced 3 times in 5 years of ownership. To MB credit, they replaced them 2 of the 3 times without charging me. MB also replaced the transmission, torque converter, and radiator when the car had 75k miles and was out of warranty free of charge because of an admitted design flaw. That was a $13k replacement. For what it’s worth, MB has usually worked with me when getting repairs.

  4. Mercedes can't be too bad they keep winning the F1 Championship and because of that people around the world keep buying their cars if Toyota won something in a performance based environment maybe more would buy the Toyota brand or at least have more interest in the world's most boring brand.

  5. BMW is worse, a special tool just for the trans mount on a 2005 x3, it costs 250 and was the cheapest I could find, my neighbor asked me to do a lot of work on his father's, he bought the parts, he is a service writer manager at a BMW dealership but they wanted 160 an hour labor, when it came time to do the mount I asked if he could borrow the tool from the mechanic but he couldn't I can't remember the reason, I had already removed the old mount which I had to air chisel out, it is pressed in and pressed out, maybe a separate tool just for that, I gave him two choices, either have the car towed to the dealer where you work and have them install it then I'll finish the rest of the work or I'll have to buy the tool, he wasn't around and I never got an answer, I ended up using a six inch c clamp and managed to little by little press it in it took a couple of hours and didn't fully seat but it was enough to get the it bolted up and two years later is still running, then there was a half a dozen oil leaks, the valve covers leaked the oil o ring on the side of the engine I don't remember if it was the oil filter or a catch can but there is a rubber seal that fails there are videos on YouTube showing how to replace it, there was also suspension work that needed doing, the vehicle had about 131,000 on it and these weren't minor oil leaks they were leaving small puddles, there was a trans leak somewhere.

  6. I just bought a 2009 ml320 bluetec for $9,000 2 weeks ago. The interior looks brand new. I changed the engine oil and I changed the transmission filter and fluid. So far it runs great. I'm hoping it's not a lemon. It seeps diesel fuel.

  7. Scotty say what you want but Mercedes are the most reliable cards ever you never gotta worry about it running hot cause there so high tech and they get way more miles than any normal car for example I can run my car 120 for a while knowing it’s not gone overhear cause it’s able to run like that

  8. This depends on the year and model of the Mercedes you own or plan to buy. In my opinion and, from experience any Mercedes Benz after 2004 is trash as far as all electronicc systems go. BMW is worse !!!
    I have a 2001CLK and other than a malfunction with the windows and driver seat not moving forward after having the car in the family for 13 years the car runs fine. The problem is when you own one of these cars you can't just take it to any mechanic that is not willing to work on your car or that doesn't know how to work on your car. It's best to get a diagnostic at the dealer to know what your problems are exactly as far as sensors go and then buy them on the side and have your personal mechanic do the labor.
    As far as body parts and accessories it's always best to go to your local junk yards and take the pieces you need if you can't afford them new. All in all, older Mercedes models are good cars but don't buy any of that new trash they sell nowadays. They are no different from buying any other disposable car manufactured out here in the states with parts assembled in other countries.

  9. i have 2 Mercedes and the cost of maintenance is crazy. its why i subscribed because i cant believe how ridiculous the market value is after spending so much on them.

  10. Why would new brake pad's not fit "due to the ridge the old ones created" if they are identical to the old ones? also, clever window opening a little when door opens…, maybe the owner should have relplaced brake pads sooner?, or have rotors turned for $12 @ Oreilley's

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