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  1. I'm catching up on some of your videos, and I am impressed and happy to hear your attitude about traditional archery. I also tend to get carried away when talking about how much fun archery is and the  mental and physical benefits that go with it. Keep up the good work, Shoot straight.

  2. Great video! My OMP Sierra gets here in rwo days and I can't wait! I'm new to archery and I'm like you, a straight tradionalist. My favorite guns are revolvers and simplicity just brings me peace. Figured a piece of wood and a string has been working for 5000 years, so it's good enough for me. Thanks again for the video and I'll check out some of your other vids if they're on longbows.

  3. Sweet longbow! I'm planning to purchase a bear super grizzly soon but for now I'm enjoying my 50llb sage. My dad also has a few bows I get to play with (old bear stag hunter 45 lb, bear super Kodak 55 lb, old Hoyt ram reflex hunter 60lb). I too started with compound I've got a pretty nice bowtech and every time I pick it up it feels so unnatural compared to a trad bow.

  4. Love the video.
    What was the number of strands you got on your custom Flemish? Also, what was your "select desired serving size" and "number of strands? I'm trying to fill out the string criteria on the website you recommended.
    Cheers, mate.

  5. what's your draw length? I just got this bow, and when I was at the range one of my fellow members commented that the bow is way too short for my size (I'm about 6 ft 5, 30 inch draw).

    I'm not concerned with it looking small, but is there any risk to me damaging the limbs due to overdraw?

  6. Red video man. It looks like you've nailed all the arrow variables to get an extremely straight flight on your shots. How did you calculate that? My arrows tend to drop down on the fletching side, while the tip does spirals. Pretty frustrating

  7. Good Video, Nice bow.  I have the AuSable but it's a 45# and that's a little stiff for me.  I'm older and have bad shoulders… so next year maybe I'll snag a #40 model.

  8. I started with a Bear Whitetail Hunter compound bow as well, when I was about the same age as you at the time… Ha… But I always knew my true calling was in traditional archery! We'll have to link up and do some shooting one of these days. Till then, keep making great videos.

  9. I'm really enjoying your archery videos bro. I looked up some bows on sportsmans wear house and there's a samick sage for about $130 or $140. I've been saving so I think I might get that or the hoffner hand hawk that MrLeonidas designed when it finally comes out. I've done some practice with an old bear compound that my friend gave me but I really want to get into recurve. There's just something about the traditional style. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love your attitude with shooting the bow. "out here having fun" sometimes thats all its about.
    I was the same, went from compound to traditional but… I shot the compound instinctively and right now I'm trying out some of the modern sights. Talk about a learning curve. LOL
    Keep up the great content!
    Far-Nor-Cal here.

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