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  1. Do you have to be old to join one of these coffin musicals? I'm not that old yet, and honestly, I'd like to participate in at least one. Maybe I could be in it if I were to be Death, or a guiding angel?

  2. It’s true that we only live once which it also stands that we only die once, too. As death and dying is such a sensitive topic here in America, we forget that the fact we are alive, death is alo inevitable.
    There is no way to prepare death but as simple as this would make it a little bit easier for the family to go through the grieving process especially to those who financially struggling.
    I just love what they do and how they’re changing the perspectives of death.

  3. As a fellow kiwi, this speaks to my sentiments. We (and our grannies) are just this nutty, all about about agency in our inevitable deaths and against the crippling financial circumstances incurred by the funeral business on grieving families. Personally, I don't know about you, I would like my nearest and dearest to remember me, for the good times and my spirit of being as opposed to some expensive, dreary funeral service.

  4. Good thinking ahead and not letting people profit off your death just embrace it and own it . All old folk homes should have a wood shop where you can help build your own coffin or chairs and tables . But what is with the party and song ???

  5. Why is this not a thing everywhere? If I was going to have a funeral then I would want people to be too distracted to cry.
    Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

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