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  1. Is that slim fit or american apparel tee????? I think its ridiculous that yall don’t have a better online gallery showing how each shirt fits! There are multiple styles of sublimation shirts on your site but not even a description of how they differ. Anyone outside of cleveland has to just guess and buy blindly!!!

  2. Could you tell me the best way to send my designs…I want you guys to get the perfect screen of my designs like the nicki minaj shirt demonstrated. Would photoshop be good?

  3. There is a large concern for the asking price that has noticeable mistakes. There are companies (many) who do this without such flaws. Has your process updated?

    I even know someone who has shirts that are not stitched, prints and presses, and sews the shirt and it's beautiful. Is this something that has been tested with JakPrints?

  4. I was told by a JakPrints rep that the company can ONLY print on Vapor apparel tees, however the information above states that you can also print on american apparel tees. I would really appreciate some clarification as soon as possible. 

  5. Hi Brittany,

    The best advice we can give you is to keep trying different methods until you reach one you like. We've been working for a few years to improve the quality of our garments and we still continue to this day. There really isn't a universal technique because not all dye sub presses are the same. Good luck!

  6. I really need to know what to put inside my shirts to stretch them out enough and create flush surface. Simple paper doesn't work. I need cardboard or stock paper. Do you guys ever use something other than paper inside the shirt for all over prints?

  7. Thanks Steve!

    We're working hard everyday to give our customers the best apparel ordering experience. We'll definitely take a look at the site you're referring to.

  8. I use that company but they are based in new zealand and the shipping is a killer and it takes a month to receive the shirt. You guys would make life easier for me. haha Please consider looking into it.

  9. Hello, have you guys looked into having a 3D designer on your site yet? I am starting a clothing line and want to use you guys but I get a little lost when it comes to the photoshop designing template. If you can please look at Photo2fashion . com and when you're there go over "design tshirt" and click on design now and pick a size and then it'll bring you to the 3D designer. It makes it so easy for the client to control the size of the image on the shirt. Please check them out

  10. Our templates are only used as a guide for customers to properly set up their graphics. It is not used in the actual printing of any products so it doesn't need to be at 300 dpi. The templates are at 150 dpi to keep the file size small and make them easy for customers to download from our website. Thank you for your order and comments!

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