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  1. I love this and am trying it for this year. I painted the cape however I don't understand how you cut the openings at the shoulder for your arms because there are no seems. Can you give me more direction or pictures so I can do this?

  2. I can’t get enough of your Halloween costume vids… it’s June 16th right now as I’m writing this lol- I can’t wait for October!!! You are AMAZING!!!! You did a fantastic job!!!

  3. Well, I am a guy but I wanted to try a qig that i recently bought so that i may look cool whilsg playing my rock guitar.
    I tried searching alot for videos of how males mighf do wig but you have a wig series of 9 videos gat does this so extraordinarily!! (Y)
    Thumbs up honestly!
    I felt it a must to subsribe seriously!
    I wanted to make sure that I be an early commentor in your very next new video. And here it goes..
    You are awesome!

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