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  1. Seems like this is meant more for people with no brows. Like girl. For all the work you had to do you didnt need the stamp! I guess it's good as a guide for people that dont really have the skill to shape their brows.

  2. I think it looks fabulous on you Hon, just dip it into some of your own brow powder . I hate drawing mine on every morning, it look like something worth Investing in. Thanks for the demo!

  3. I really struggle with my eyebrows, I just can't seem to get them to do ride and I have very little brow hair. I have none in the last third or so, plus I have essential tremors. I do take medication for the tremors, but it doesn't stop the shaky hands completely. I ordered knock off on eBay for a couple of dollars, and it had 6 stamps, three shapes. I used to shape that is similar to the one in the kiss stamp, and I've worn it out LOL actually the spongy part fell out of the handle, but it's so worn out that it's not worth trying to glue back in so I order the i Envy via Amazon Prime. It's going to be here tomorrow. I usually stamp then use some sort of fiber. Right now I am using cherry blossom eyebrow fiber or the Maybelline, I believe I brow fiber that's in a very tapered looking container that almost looks like liquid eyeliner. If anyone buys that and they do not have black eyebrows, you really need to buy the blonde! The blonde is a brunette color. If you're familiar with hair color numbers it's closer to a 4 and maybe almost as light as a 6 but it isn't LOL it's in between a 4 and and a 6.

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