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  1. I’m going to follow the general outline of this video as there is very little instructional videos on YouTube. Lots of bad feedback and people saying get pros in! I thought it was a good video and will help me lay my floor tonight. Getting pros in is for people who can afford to, I can’t so I do the work myself.

  2. Karndean isn't a DIY prospect. Do it yourself and you'll be calling a professional fitter to come fix it, who will give you a nice price to fix your Mickey mouse abortion.

  3. Wow! What can I say? Shocking is an understatement. Ply not staggered, adhesive had no open time, the notched trowel and application wrong so grab between lvt and glue is really poor. Probably b grade clearance floor purchased.
    This is a video of how not to buy and install

  4. Don't buy Karndean adhesive. You can buy the same adhesive much cheaper from screwfix, it's made by Mapei and is called Ultrabond Eco VS90 Plus.( I think Mapei probably make it for Karndean) As for the floor skim I can't see the point. I've had Karndean on a new bare plywood floor for 15 yrs and it's still perfect., just make sure the boards are tight against each other.As for cutting it I prefer a sharp pair of kitchen scissors, but that's just personal choice, but i do find it easier than a stanley knife.

  5. Use external 6mm ply NOT Wickes cheap and cheerful internal ply which will compress/collapse under heavy use.. On 18mm chipboard flooring, use 20mm long 4mm Gold single thread screws and space them apart every 120mm – yes, every 120mm!
    As stated elsewhere, always stagger the joints of the the ply i.e. get the timber merchant to cut some of your sheets in half. This chap simply has;t got a clue – bodger with a big B!

  6. Looks shit you should've just left the (wrongly installed) plywood down it looks very similar. Your flooring wont last more than a few years so you should take this video down to stop people copying it and costing them.

  7. The amount of people that left a comment saying something to the effect of "great video now i feel i can install my own floor and save the money" has left me dumbfounded. All this time I have been blaming the big box stores and HGTV for ruining an entire trade while its been youtube all along. No disrespect to the poor fellow that obviously has a problem interpreting directions and following them. What ever happened to get at least three estimates from reputable companies and comparing them? Most times you can tell if one company is way off or if they make no mention of floor prep they can be disregarded.WE have fought to get the labor prices for flooring installation to where it is and continue to have to justify the prices when the sales staff said anyone can do it, Oh nevermind i quit this career is hopeless, Keep the hacks and forget about maintaining any manufacture warranty ever.Just install a new floor in 2 years when it fails. its simple

  8. As a professional lvt installer, and certified master installer, this is one of the most terrifying instruction videos i have ever seen..
    Please do not follow this persons advice, as you will run into a multitude of problems some time after installation.

    As for the easy to spot school boy errors..on the final picture, you can see planks, that are level with each other every other row, this is just horrible to look at, its a uniform look which takes away the look of natural wood that karndean intends to create.
    it should be randomly staggered to create this effect.
    And as for the prep work, this is the fundamental bread and butter for a floorlayer, and why we get annoyed when someone 'has a crack' at fitting their lvt, and we get called in to put it right.
    this takes money of our table and cuts us out, and then people just end up with a wasted pile of cash and a crap looking finish..

    get sp101 5.5mm plyboard 8×4 sheets and stagger the frigging joints..i almost cried when i saw this dipshit laying them side by side with that 4 board cross section you get…'shudder'….

    and it looked like he put the feather down with a brick at the end..

    just get a professional..

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