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  1. You really need to improve your camera work. Too many close-ups. You need to start at one end and pan down to the other end to see how it all flows. In this one, all you showed of the bathroom was a super close-up of the sink. And the rest was all over the place – pan to the kitchen, then the living room, again too close, then back to the kitchen. A super-long close-up of the stove burners? What is that about? Some of your videos show really cute tiny houses, but they are so frustrating to watch because you jump all over the place and show close-ups of the knick-knacks, etc. I don't need to see a close-up of glass jars which probably came from the dollar store.

    I don't like to be critical, but it could be a joy to watch these videos if you just improve the camera work. So…follow the flow of the house and don't get in so close. Thank you.

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