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  1. Prelude to Silence looks like an incredible piece of work. I wish I was around when this video was uploaded so I could have gotten my hands on one. Someone else in the comments said they sold out, really unfortunate

  2. Hi, I'm pretty new at this making zine thing. I really want to make a zine but don't know anything about printing or print quality. Can someone help me out? Thanks 😀

  3. As a college student studying photography it's so good to come across your channel – this video really inspired me and I'm definitely subscribing 🙂 I hope to be able to create a project in the future and have something physical to hold out of it!

  4. Hello Sr,
    "You" are realy an "inspiration" for me…
    I click lot of photographs but they are just on the screen… as you said. You realy inspire me to get things done, thankyou Sr. I, will try to create an photo book after my exams…..

    With love

  5. Well, I have to click subscribe of course.. sigh, another great one.. common youtube, you're supposed to be lolcats and ppl falling vids, nothing high quality and fun and actually entertaining. GOSH already

  6. Hi,

    I'm sorry if I being too rude with this question but, aside from spending time for your passion in Photography, how could we make money from it to support our various projects and another things? I like photography so much but I wanted to make it more than just what it is. If you could share anything related to it I would gladly accept it. Thank you and Godspeed 🙂

  7. This is a long shot, I love you videos and your opinion and I'd love your opinion on my latest video. It's my first full attempt at parallax photo animation of my photography work done during 2016. I only started into photography in January 2016, any and all thoughts are more than welcome.

  8. This video just popped up on my notifications and I checked your description and saw that you're located off of Hulen! That's awesome because I lived in Fort Worth and lived off of Hulen too! Cool beans!

  9. Wow, I will look into Zines
    Question in the one book there were people. Do you have to get model release for every person you snap?
    Commercial or private
    Forest Arts-Steve

  10. I haven't seen anybody answer the question about notifications yet.

    It is my understanding that YouTube did change the way this works a few weeks ago. You no longer automatically get notifications for all of your subscription. After you subscribe and the "Subscribe" button turns into a "Subscribed" button, there will be a bell next to it. You have to click on the bell to turn on notifications. You have to do this for each of your subscribed channels.

  11. I didn't know what photography zines were until today. And after watching these great photobooks your viewers sent in, I got very excited to make my own. I have so many pictures that I took, so I'm very excited to sort through them to choose the best of the bests. I'm going to use Blurb as you mentioned in a previous comment. Any tips for making my first zine maybe? You'll definitely receive one by the way. Your videos taught me and inspired me a lot!

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