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  1. Very nice digs. Well above the norm for most college students. We have one son graduated from college (and working) – one going into his senior year of college. An empty nest is an adjustment, but I am sure you are also excited for her. Congrats on your progress. Hope to see you on the road. Good to use your well deserved benefits for your service, thank you!

  2. Wow, a beautiful apartment. Great video and many thanks for sharing. My thumb is up and you've got a new friend. I would be glad to welcome you on my channel, too. Let's get connected 😉

  3. Congrats to your daughter Wagg. Our daughter Lacey is starting college in September..and thanks to God and the VA, she is able to get same benefits as Lauren. We are very grateful am very humbled, and she is very fortunate…I’m like you..”I ain’t got dat kinda money” Lol But yeah man…You guys are awesome parents as well.

  4. Nice tour and glad daughter is getting started in college. Good you guys will soon be able to get on the road and see some of the US. Thanks for the video and best to daughter and you.

  5. Wow! Good on the military and you for thinking ahead. I think Social Security wants us to retire in July instead of August 8. Something about making to much money in the first week. I good with it. LOL!! We like how you guys are planning everything out, very nice to see. Keep it up and see you on the road.

  6. Maybe Lauren can offer some HomeEc lessons to fellow first years from that awesome textbook Leslie made her. She could augment her finances with it. At least she would have to read it to do so.

  7. We've been binge-watching all your videos. You guys are hilarious. Thank you for lighting the fire in us for full-time RV living. We've been tossing around the idea for years but never committed. We've started a spreadsheet with everything we need to do and gave ourselves a date when we will hit the road. I have a daughter starting college in the fall and a son who is 2 years behind. We figure 6 months after our son has graduated and settled into a routine at college would be a good time to leave. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing the notebook "Adulting 101" you're leaving for Lauren. I think this would benefit my daughter a great deal. I just wish I thought of it.

  8. I like the half wine barrel better then the little square one in the living room better. WOW nice set up for her lucky kid Awesome. Can you make an audio version of you adulating 101 life book ? She can sell it on Amazon

  9. Nice Apt for Lauren! Thank goodness for the Army Benefits our families get. Husband served for 32 years and has been retired since 2013. How time flies!! She will really love the apt now that it is all decorated it so looks like home from us outside.

  10. Thank Goodness for Army Benefits! I went to school on my dads benefits. I didn’t have to worry about anything except school work!
    You are great parents, helping her get set up in her apartment! That will help ease your mind a lot.
    I love the adulting book! I did something similar when my oldest went to her masters program. She moved to Philadelphia, which is a huge city. I found to go menus or delivery menus, several maps of the train system and bus and trolley schedules. I stayed with her until I felt comfortable. We found the grocery store, the pharmacy and so on.
    When I left I knew she could handle the city. It saved me a lot of worry.
    Thank you for your service to this country. It is because of you we continue to be a free country.
    Until next time…

  11. Love the tabbed binder.. Adulting is such a lost art these days… very cool. Well Done! And yep.. The Army continues to take care of its own. I will never complain about my 21 years and the life it has given us.

  12. Definitely looks as if mom and dad are on top of the situation these days you can’t be to carefull , I worked at a university for 26 yrs and have seen what students can get into . I think she will have her thoughts in those books and everything will be great!

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