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  1. Congrats on finding an incredibly beautiful place to live. Talk about NO STRESS view!!!! I;m more a mountain person, but it truly is GORGEOUS and would love living there! Best wishes to you in the future. I admire you using your God given talents to live happy, live well and live free of the corporate world. I wasted my whole life living what "I thought to be the way it should be", when in actuality, your way is so much happier, lighter and I never was into a lot of "things" anyway, so I would have been happy. How I wish I had known about this when it started. I had no idea about Tiny Homes until a month ago. Good luck!!!

  2. I have watched quite a few videos and I have seen amazing things. This guys design I could live in. He's a super cool guy. Would love to meet him. A lot of his previous life experience made this work. Has he now that he's had a chance to live in it awhile have an update for us. Anything he would change? Anything he would advise me to do differently? I know this he's living it up!!! Everything he needs nothing that he doesn't. No paying for unused stuff.

  3. Wonderful video and inspirational, indeed. I just subscribed to your site that I found through the Tiny House Newsletter today. I look forward to viewing more of your videos on tiny house living, which I'm still learning about and striving to one day have one of my own. I just relocated to Spokane, Washington from Kealia on Kauai, Hawaii to lower living expenses. Living in Spokane is just a temporary move, don't know where I'm heading to next but "tiny" living would fit my lifestyle nicely where ever I end up – I just need to figure out where to legally park the thing once I get one. I stumbled upon the tiny home movement on Facebook and now I want to be a part of it! Thanks so much for your posts! All the best to you! Aloha

  4. This is a wonderful tiny home! One of the best I have seen. I live in Texas, so I would have the have AC and heat. But your design is absolutely fabulous! This is the first house I have seen with an easily climbed staircase and a loft that won't mess with low back injuries. Well done! I can't wait to begin my own project. I hope you don't mind if I borrow your ideas! Thanks so much for your videos!

  5. Thank you! Very nice vid to watch. I build already two tiny homes, in the old style like a gypsy wagon. The next one would be like Bretts beautifull home. Greetings from Germany

  6. A great space made in this tiny home and an awesome person. I enjoyed hearing his thoughts and seeing his design. I will likely build the hOMe, as I need a full-size kitchen and bath, and love the 2nd loft area for lounging or visitors. Again, great interview and subject… peace

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