35 Replies to “Affordable Web Design Auckland”

  1. “Powered by your JetSki”… shows Sea•Doo and WaveRunners hook up… educate yourselves! Not a single JetSki was used in this video

  2. Why is this so special?? Cuz it’s def not new whatsoever or innovative. I remember they had this on the show baywatch 20 years ago…..what’d that guy not patent it or something or renew the patent like the fidget spinner lady??? The one from back in the day was wayyyyy bigger too this has virtually no space for humans so is essentially useless!!

  3. So how long has this been on the market.Becouse this is just a version of an old product that was out in the early 90s.didn't sell well. I thought ski doo. So this is not a new invention,just motified.

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